School Advisory Council

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School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is a group of elected parents, teachers and support staff as well as appointed community members.  This Council is legally recognized, through its Letter of Agreement with the Chignecto-Central Regional Centre of Education and the Department of Education.  The Council is the governing body operating at the school level and is mandated to serve the school community in a number of ways.

The council is an advising body to the principal. What this means generally is that when an issue arises, the Council will discuss options to deal with the issue.  If necessary, the Council may send out an information sheet asking for input from parents, teachers, and the community at large.  Based on the responses received, members of the Council will look at what the majority of the School Community wants and will advise the Principal their decision.  The Principal will consider the Council’s decision and reasoning, but ultimately he/she will make the final decision.

The Council will assist in the development and implementation of a school improvement plan; school policies which promote academic excellence and a positive learning environment; strategies to improve and support extra-curricular programs and special projects in the school; and, will advise the principal and staff on school-based issues related to curriculum, programs and operations.

The Council meets at 2:00 on the 3rd Wednesday in September, November, January and May, unless otherwise required.

2019-20 Members

Chair –Amy Lavers

Administration –Kathy Weatherbee

Teacher Rep –Leah Roop and Jen Clarke

Support Staff –Amanda Cornelius

Parent Reps –Pam Sullivan and Amy Lavers

Community Rep –Heidi Cooke