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BES Home and School Committee Message

Hello and welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!! 

I am the Home and School President, Erin Jamieson. I wanted to reach out to all of our great Brookfield Elementary School friends and family and touch base with how the school year will look from the committee’s eyes!! Covid19 has certainly changed up the way we fund-raise and support our students. 

As you likely know by now the students are spending much more time outside this year during the school day. We have purchased many more outdoor toys and games for them to enjoy (12 new balls; basketballs, footballs, soccer balls and volleyballs, also a washer toss set, outdoor Jenga game, a ladder ball and rubber horseshoes). The students are loving the new equipment!! 

We will be once again continuing to provide free apples from Stirling Apples in Bible Hill for the whole school. We have seen in previous years how much the apples are appreciated and we are glad we can continue this fall tradition. This will continue weekly until November.

We will be doing a little ‘freshening up’ on the playground right away as well. New mulch and stumps will be added to provide more seating and to cut down on the muddy ground around the equipment. It’s easy to see how much the students love the playground and we want to maintain the great condition it is in and add a few upgrades to continue its legacy for future students.

We will be purchasing a few more chrome books for the school this year to ensure that the ratio of student to chrome books is 1:1. We recognize the importance that technology plays in today’s world and we are happy to support this. 

We are very happy to be able to provide extra support to the school and are thankful for the funds we have leftover from last year to do so. Our current H&S bank account sits at approximately $2,000; while the Playground bank account has roughly $9,500. That being said we are not able to fund-raise at this present time to increase our funds for future events and activities. We will continue to be mindful of what we are using the Home and School/ Playground money for to ensure we can assist with activities for as much of the school year as possible. 

We will not be able to host a Fall Fair, hold a Halloween dance, provide a fall mums potted plant sale or any movie nights like we have done previously. These were fun events for the whole community and we are disappointed they will not be taking place this year. We are hopeful things will adjust and the guidelines will change as the school year continues so we can hold other fundraisers that have been successful in the past at BES. 

Please watch for future Home and School meeting dates and announcements. We continue to depend on our dedicated and hardworking volunteers to keep the committee alive! If you would like to reach out to the Home and School committee directly please use our email account at homeandschoolbes@gmail.com or our Facebook group Brookfield Elementary School/ Home and School .

Thanks and let’s have a great school year! 

Erin Jamieson