Home & School

September 2019

Dear BES Families,

Welcome to a new school year! We had our first home and school meeting on August 27.

The members of the executive are: Erin Jamieson; President, Denise Boulton; Vice President, Natalie Brenton; Secretary, Heather Peterson; Fundraising & Treasurer.

We would love to see more parents attend our home and school meetings! For some, you are first time parents wondering how it all works. Others of you may have known there was a home and school group but weren't sure what the goals of the group were or even how you could be involved.

Our goal as a home and school group is to give our children the best education possible. Our primary objective is to raise funds to be able to provide our students with additional resources, technology, equipment, etc. that would not otherwise be possible without all of your support. The Home and School Committee always welcomes new members and new ideas, so please feel free and welcome to attend!

We also have a group on Facebook BES Home and School. There are often great discussions and updates on that site as well. The schedule of our meetings is on our school website calendar.

Thanks for your continued support! We look forward to seeing or hearing from you!