* Saltwire Network at-home learning packages information


What you need to know

  • All at-home learning packages will be distributed to all households receiving weekly flyers on a bi-weekly basis.
  • The package will arrive bundled with your weekly flyers
    • Please note: The World Health Organization confirms that potential transmission of COVID-19 through commercial goods is extremely low. Newsprint - due to its porous nature - is particularly safe. There are no known cases of transmission through paper products.
  • Each package includes the assignments and projects for grades Primary to grade 9
  • You do not need to contact SaltWire Network to receive the learning package if you already receive your weekly flyers. All housesholds will receive the entire Primary to grade 9 package inside their regular flyer bundle.
  • If you wish to receive the at-home learning package and you currently do not receive flyers, you must contact us to start receiving the flyer package. To do so:
    1. Visit our Contact Us form online here
    2. Choose your publication: 
      • The Chronicle Herald for mainland Nova Scotia
      • Cape Breton Post for Cape Breton
    3. Choose "Flyer Delivery Inquiry" as your area of need
    4. Choose "I want to receive the at-home learning package" as what we can help you with
    5. Provide your full mailing address, including City/Town - this is important to ensure we have the proper community address
    6. Submit your request